• Construction of ground grids, cable tray, conduit, cabling, etc.
  • Maintenance of E&I systems
  • Commissioning for E&I systems
  • Calibration & testing of E&I systems
  • Control system design 
  • System integration 
  • Manufacturing and installation of E&I panels
  • Fiber and telecoms install
  • Electrical equipment installation
  • Lighting packages
  • Any facility, unlimited potential.....



  • High and medium voltage terminations and testing
  • Low voltage wiring
  • Controls wiring and point to point testing
  • Modular building and remote building install
  • Standalone MCC’s/switchgear install and upgrades
  • Control panel, DCS, PLC and UPS install and startup
  • Automation and integration for hazardous environments
  • Transformer install and refurbishment
  • Fiber and telecoms install
  • Electrical Equipment Installation
  • Any project, any need......